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Max Densify Your Property | Convert Underutilized Areas | Add Units, Income & Value

Max Densify Your Property
Convert Underutilized Areas
Add Units, Income & Value

Los Angeles County Homeowners!

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Single Family Mods

lytemods™ offers 7 unique hybrid-modular dwelling ADUs, intelligently designed to fit the majority of Single Family backyard configurations. They are designed with comfort and ease of maintenance in mind, and built to stand the test of time.
This ADU’s design boasts high vaulted ceilings, huge windows, and other sensational features while still maintaining a compact floor plan.
This versatile ADU design may be utilized as an in-law suite/granny flat to keep your loved ones close, while providing them with the space and privacy they desire.
This ADU’s beautiful L-shaped design has 2 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and wraps around a private patio that’s great for entertaining day or night. It’s a homeowners dream and ideal for multiple tenants.
This two-story ADU is thoughtfully designed to allow ample division of personal space. The second bedroom can also serve as a home office, gym, or yoga studio.
Our deluxe two-story ADU design features 4 bedrooms (each big enough to fit a queen sized bed); 2 bathrooms; a fully equipped kitchen, and a huge private patio. It offers 1,200 sq ft of spacious comfort.
With 1200 sq ft, this ADU’s unique floor plan is divided into two separate living spaces which both creates a desirable private master suite and maximizes rental income.

Micro Mods

lytemods™ micro mods are the most affordable units and have been thoughtfully designed to provide a solution for property owners with limited backyard space. They pack the most value within the smallest footprint!
A multi-functional studio unit, this smart ADU’s floor plan is designed to maximize limited backyard space. It easily adapts to meet the needs of any situation or backyard configuration.
This contemporary ADU is designed to provide maximum privacy, comfort, and independence for tenants, home offices, or aging in place family members.
This charming ADU is perfect for property owners looking to increase rental income potential. The floor plan features 2 bedrooms on opposite sides of the communal area, making it ideal for roommates.

Multi Family Mods

lytemods™ inspired solutions for small to large-scale multi family developments & commercial interior/community space conversions. No matter the size of your backyard, we offer a customizable model to suit your configuration, lifestyle, and taste!
Converting unused space on your multi-family property has never been easier. Let our expert team transform your carport into new rental units.
This gorgeous two-story multi family ADU boasts two spacious units. It is ideal for multiple tenants with roommates in mind and will increase the appeal and value of your property.
This modern 2 Story multi-family ADU design is ideal for converting just a few uncovered parking spaces into new rental units. SB9 READY!

Why Choose US Home Pros For Your Project?


Our knowledgeable team will evaluate your property layout and interior spaces to determine how to best implement your ADU.


Choose one of our customizable pre-panelized lytemods, or our in-house architects and engineers will design, draft and create a custom layout to maximize your rental income potential and construction feasibility.


We provide turn-key energy efficiency solutions that lower utility and maintenance costs, improve occupant comfort, safety and productivity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


US Home Pros is a full-service general contractor that meets all residential Title 24 energy analysis needs. Our experienced engineers will find the most cost-effective energy solutions for your project.


Our engineering department provides structural engineering calculations and specifications as required by regulatory authorities.


Our permit expediting team efficiently submits your plans to the appropriate municipalities to obtain final approval by the Building and Safety Department.


After your permits have been issued, our expert crew will perform and manage the construction on-site. We oversee the entire construction process with a focus on quality, on time and on budget completion.


We work with a few preferred lenders that offer excellent commercial financing options for the construction of Multi-Family ADUs.


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The Good News &
The Better News

Adding ADUs to your property will generate numerous financial opportunities for the future! As of January 2020, property owners in California, can now add up to two ADUs on a single-family lot and more than two ADUs on multi-family lots. Additional units may be built by converting existing structures, such as garages, basements and attics into living spaces that can generate substantial annual rental income.

What is an ADU?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit is a legal residential unit that is added to a lot with an existing or proposed home. The unit can be realized through ground-up construction, a garage conversion or addition, an addition to the primary residence, or a conversion of part of the existing residence.

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With over 500 Projects completed, we’ve been reinventing the entire Design-to-Build process to make it as smooth for you as possible. US Home Pros provides Full Services utilizing our team of expert and experienced administrators, architects, engineers, and contractors to bring your dream to reality!

Our ADUs are produced in a


Facility in Southern California.

If your site is located in the Greater Los Angeles Area, once your customized ADU is pre-panelized, it will be delivered to your property where our expert construction team will erect, assemble and finalize the complete buildout of your new ADU.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are an


ADUs are a fantastic investment for property owners and developers in Los Angeles:
  • Build on the property you already own.
  • Generate immediate cash flow and long-term passive rental income.
  • Create space for extended and/or growing families.
  • Increase your property value by 25-50%.
  • Financing is easy to attain for your building projects.

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